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Global EASD Council

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes is excited to announce the launch of the Global EASD Council!

This initiative is meant to expand the EASD’s mission to promote excellent research on diabetes and translate research findings into clinical practice worldwide by involving members in Europe and from all over the world and broadening the relations with other diabetes scientific communities and organisations.

The Global EASD Council is chaired by Francesco Giorgino, the EASD Senior Vice President, and includes 10 - 12 members selected by the EASD Board.


The Global EASD Council will:

Tightly cooperate with the EASD Board in raising awareness of initiatives on diabetes and related metabolic diseases that are of interest at a global level.

Advise on specific activities with a global focus, including specific needs in different geographical areas.

Promote the communication between the EASD Board and governances of national and/or regional organisations and stakeholders.