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Camillo Golgi Prize

Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of the histopathology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of the complications of diabetes mellitus.

Camillo Golgi was awarded the Noble Prize in 1906 for his studies on the nervous system and kidney physiology and the awardee delivers a lecture named in honour of Camillo Golgi at the EASD Annual Meeting in the year of the award.

  • Candidates must be an EASD member
  • Candidates may be from any country
  • There are no restrictions regarding the age of the candidate
  • Board Members of EASD are not eligible for nomination

Nominations should be made on the available nomination form, containing:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • One Letter of Recommendation of not more than 1000 words signed by up to three nominators. Additional letters will be disregarded.
  • List of the ten most relevant publications emphasising recent contributions.
  • Publications in internationally recognized scientific journals over the last 5 years should demonstrate continuing activity, originality and excellence in the field

The Camillo Golgi Prize is generously supported by Novo Nordisk.

Camillo Golgi Awardees:

2022 Stockholm
M. Horowitz (AU): Gastric emptying in diabetes - backwards and forwards: a perspective from the antipodes

2021 Virtual Meeting
H.L. Heerspink (NL): Personalising the treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes: the mean is meaningless

2020 Virtual Meeting
N. Sattar (UK): Cardiovascular risks in diabetes: new insights from simple observations

2019 Barcelona
R.A. Malik (QA): Diabetic neuropathy: a time to challenge the dogma

2018 Berlin

P.P. Nawroth (DE): Diabetic complications: an alternative view on diabetes

2017 Lisbon
B.M. Frier (UK): Recurrent hypoglycaemia in diabetes: the long-term complications

2016 Munich
P. Rossing (DK): Personalising prevention of diabetic nephropathy, from proteinuria to profile-omics

2015 Stockholm
H.-P. Hammes (DE):
The eye in diabetes: a personal account

2014 Vienna
S. Tesfaye (UK):
Diabetic neuropathy: a journey with tears, passion, new insights and paradigm shift

2013 Barcelona
T. Lauritzen (DK):
A journey from insulin absorption to screening for type 2 diabetes

2012 Berlin
G. Pugliese (IT):
Galectin-3: only a stooge of RAGE?

2011 Lisbon
A. Bierhaus (DE):
Failure of glucose lowering in clinical trials: the way to novel biochemical concepts explaining diabetic late complications

2010 Stockholm
D. Ziegler (DE):
Diabetic neuropathy: the winding road from early detection to timely protection

2009 Vienna
P.-H. Groop (FI):
Diabetic nephropathy - means, motive and opportunity

2008 Rome
A. Avogaro (IT):
From damage to progenitors: the harsh days of endothelium in diabetes

2007 Amsterdam
P. Fioretto (IT):
The kidney in diabetes: Dynamic pathways of injury and repair

2006 Copenhagen
M. Laakso (FI):
Pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes: Role of insulin resistance and hyperglycaemia

2005 Athens
C. Stehouwer (NL):
The many faces of cvascular dysfunction in diabetes

2004 Munich
A. Ceriello (IT):
Is oxidative stress the pathogenic mechanism underlying insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular disease? The "common soil" hypothesis revisited

2003 Paris
A. Boulton (UK):
The diabetic foot: From art to science

2002 Budapest
J. Tuomiletho (FI):
Prediction and prevention of type 2 diabetes - epidode 2

2001 Glasgow
A. Flyvbjerg (DK):
Potential therapeutic strategies in diabetic kidney disease

2000 Jerusalem
U. Di Mario (IT):
From hyperglycaemia to the dysregulation of vascular remodelling in diabetes

1999 Brussels
E. Standl (DE):
The diabetic "Sweet" heart: From ailing to failing

1998 Barcelona
D.R. Tomlinson (UK):
A common aetiology for diabetes complications

1997 Helsinki
H.-H. Parving (DK):
Renoprotection in diabetes: Genetic and non-genetic risk factors and treatment

1996 Vienna
M.-R. Taskinen (FI):
New insights into pathophysiology of dyslipidaemia in NIDDM

1995 Stockholm
R. Landgraf (DE):
The impact of pancreatic grafting on secondary complications and quality of life

1994 DĂĽsseldorf
J.E. Tooke (UK):
Microvascular function in diabetes mellitus

1993 Istanbul
K.F. Hansen (NO):
Blood glucose control - does it always matter? Research from glycosylated haemoglobin to renal morphology

1992 Prague
E. Kohner (UK):
Blood flow changes in diabetes: What do they mean?

1991 Dublin
R. Osterby (DK):
Renal Microstructures related to renal function in diabetes

1990 Copenhagen
P.J. Watkins (UK):
Clinical observations and experiments in diabetic nephropathy

1989 Lisbon
G.B. Bolli (IT):
From physiology of counter-regulation to prevention of hypoglycaemia in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

1988 Paris
C.E. Morgensen (DK):
Hyper-filtration, hypertension and diabetic nephropathy

1987 Leipzig
D.J. Ewing (UK):
New horizons for diabetic autonomic neuropathy

1986 Rome
G.C. Viberti (UK):
Preventive strategies in diabetic kidney disease