EASD Oxford Workshop

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) organises annually an Oxford Workshop on diabetes research. Participation is by invitation only and invitations are extended by the scientific co-ordinators and co-chairs.

The EASD Oxford Workshops bring together 20-25 experts by invitation only to attempt to chart the future course of the chosen field, rather than simply review familiar data as is the case at most other meetings.

A particular feature of these events is that each senior scientist is asked to bring a postdoctoral Fellow. The Fellows are expected to play an active role in the meeting: typically they present the data and the senior scientists are more active during the lengthy discussion periods. In turn, the Workshop offers them a unique opportunity to spend a few days with leading international experts in their field.

There are also keynote lectures from leading scientists from outside the field of diabetes. All participants live in the college, thus sampling the typical Oxford atmosphere.

Recent Oxford Workshops

2023: Glucose transport from basic research to the clinic, chaired by L Bertrand and J-F Gautier

2022: Diabetes: from the liver to the heart, chaired by G Derumeaux and M Roden

2019: Stem Cells in Diabetes and Associated Complications – Replacement Medicine and Target Discovery, chaired by T Kieffer and D Hay

2018: Big Data, Omics and Bioinformatics in Diabetes, chaired by B Thorens and T Hansen

2017: Innate Immunity in Diabetes, chaired by A Lehuen and S Lenzen